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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 26, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> reporter: that's what he testified today, renee. he said he has worked in the traffic court for more than 30 years and it's always been this way, since he's been there. now, no cameras are allowed in the courtroom, so today, i sat in federal court and listened to the testimony and then obtained an audiotape of what was said in the courtroom. >> when i tried to help with the ticket, i was hoping for a not guilty verdict on it. >> reporter: that was councilwoman janie blackwell's staffer who said after blackwell's relative got a traffic ticket, he called then-traffic court judge willie singletary's assistant to ask for consideration. defense attorneys told me they can't say much. >> we really can't comment while the trial's in progress. >> are you trying to establish there's a culture of consideration? >> whatever the evidence is, you guys can get the tapes. you know, we're not trying to establish anything other than our people are not guilty. >> reporter: prosecuting attorney denise wolf asked the
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chief of courtroom operations whose tickets were presented to judges for special consideration. >> would they have to know somebody at traffic court? >> yes. >> so, if i came up to you and you never met me before, and i said, can you -- can you deliver this to danielle or to judge's courtroom, would you do that for me? >> no. >> why not? >> 'cause i don't know you. >> so, just part of the culture of philadelphia traffic court, right? >> yes. >> for 30-plus years, as you know it? >> yes. >> reporter: when our nbc 10 cameras caught up with bernard lindline after his testimony, he didn't have much to say. >> no comment. >> reporter: attorneys in this case told me they have been given strict orders not to say anything about this case outside the courtroom. reporting live outside federal court, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> all right, christine. of course, count on nbc 10 to bring you the very latest from the courtroom as this trial develops and for updates any time, you can always go to
6:02 pm skyforce10 over a drive by shooting in philadelphia's kensington neighborhood. police say two people were shot at the intersection of fourth and indiana. the victim showed up at episcopal hospital and the car riddled with bullets. within the last 15 minutes, nbc 10 learned that one of the victims right now in critical condition. we are checking with police for more information about the search for any suspects. count on nbc 10 for updates on this story. a busy bridge in our area is suddenly shut down. a large crack forced inspectors to close the white horse road bridge today in camden county. the bridge connects lindenwold to towns like vorhees and cherry hill and directly over train tracks for the patco high speed lane. camden county officials say the record snow and cold temperatures are to blame for the damage. the bridge is used by thousands of commuters. it was flagged for repairs in october but the winter did unexpected damage. >> the weather cycles recall the extreme conditions, had taken what was a maintenance repair
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and expedited a lot of deterioration. >> the bridge is closed indefinitely. patco service is not affected. new at 6:00, a philadelphia police officer is suspended from the force tonight for allegedly assaulting another woman. police say kathy pew beat up a 38-year-old woman sunday morning on south american street in south philly. she faces several charges. commissioners charles ramsey suspended her for 30 days with the intent to dismice. pew is a 27-year veteran in the department, the second female officer charge this week. on tuesday, officer tameka gross turned herself in on assault and other charges. she's accused of encouraging her children to fight their teenage rivals. in one incident, prosecutors say gross even got in on the fight, punching the 14-year-old girl her daughter was fighting. gro gross is on a 30-day suspension with intent to dismiss much she had been with the department for eight years.
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now to our weather, a hot and humid day, these shoppers didn't seem is to mind the uncomfortable conditions outdoors. nbc 10 in ardmore, montgomery county where several people hit the stores at suburban square. when it's hot, go shopping. live look from citizens bank park in south philadelphia, fans on the don't have to worry about the rains tonight if they are nbith ndin for the nske p irhe night even less on saturday. miditydaanw our camera network shows the blue skies at the shore, some clouds in the poconos, but still, no threat of any rain and in the philadelphia area, we have a lot of sunshine once again. nothing on the radar close by. we have some showers near harrisburg. we don't think they are going to be affecting us tonight. some of this may be affecting us tomorrow but not a lot of rain 86 degrees right now in philadelphia. we are close to that in many other parts of the area, including right at the shore, because of the northwest wind,
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but that's gonna change. tonight, we are gonna see the temperatures go into the 70s, the humidity, relatively low, some really nice weather ahead, but not throughout the 7-day forecast. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we will see you then, glenn. the democratic candidate for governor of pennsylvania talks education and economics today in philadelphia. tom wolf paid a visit to the welcoming center for new pennsylvanianess. it's an economic development and job training organization that helps people from other countries develop skills they need to make it in the workforce with. wolf says education is important to success and he says he has a plan to come up with money to help fund important programs. >> i want to put a 5% severance tax on natural gas so that we can provide additional hundreds of millions of dollars for things like education, fixing the roads and brims. >> wolf will face republican incumbent, governor tom corbett in november's general election. governor core belt is opposed to a severance tax.
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pennsylvania senate took up nearly $30 billion republican budget plan at the state house today. the house version of the plan calls for higher payments to public schools, human service and public pension funds and it relies heavily on the unlikely selloff of the state's wine and liquor operation. the senate is expected to make certain changes, just five days now left in this fiscal year. new information on new jersey governor chris christie's plan to cut contributions to pension funds. a state appeals court today rules that retired public workers do have a right to cost of living contributions. but a lower court judge will decide whether the state was justified in suspending those hikes back in 2011. yesterday, a judge ruled governor christie can reduce the payment due this month. all new at 6:00, bucks county has suspended its human resources director. the decision comes in the wake of a grand jury report that shows the department was in chaos. mary death dolan is suspended
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without pay. she is worked for the department since 1994. nbc 10 told you about the problems in human resource there is last week. an investigation began last year after an audit showed benefits were given to people who weren't eligible. soldiers who went to war and divorced spouses were still on benefit plans. the errors cost the county $450,000. more personnel changes could soon be made. tonight, the neshaminy school board will vote on an updated policy to prevent the student high school newspaper from banning the school nickname, redskins. we have been reporting on this issue for a while now. school administrators say students don't have the power to issue bans. students said a minute straighters should not be allowed to control what they choose to print, free democrat of the press. tonight's school board meeting is at 7:00 at the maple point middle school. south jersey woman is wanted in a violent attack on a co-worker caught on cell phone
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video. 27-year-old katherine ferrer ya wants the woman who sent to the hospital with a broken nose, black eyes and concussion to turn herself in. the attack happened behind the mcdonald's in salem on tuesday night. the only one who tried help was the victim's 2-year-old son, how see here, kicking the suspect. there's now an arrest warrant for la tia harris. this started because of a rumor being spread about the suspect. >> i don't understand that i could have been dead right now. she hit me in the right spot, it would have been over, over nothing. mcdonald's isn't worth it. a guy isn't worth it. >> within the last hour, the owner of the mcdonald's stayed in a statement, he is disturbed
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by the video and the suspect will not be serving customers pending the outcome. a hearing today examined campuses and ways federal laws can seek to hold schools accountable. victims from a number of east coast to colleges and universities testified today. >> i'm excited about all the federal attention to this particular issue. i know that many of the older victim witness advocates are so relieved to see this really coming to attention and it's beautiful as a student and survivor to see it getting the full hearing deserves. >> lawmakers are thinking about using civil rights laws and higher education acts that disburse federal funds as a way to force colleges and universities to increase student safety. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> i get asked every day about the progress of the 495 bridge project. in fix at 6:00, nbc 10 giving you the answers you need about getting the brim reopen, maybe even a little sooner than you
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thought it would be. a live look right now at center city tonight. the temperatures well into the 80s today here in philly but much more comfortable than it was at this time last night. glenn? >> that humidity is going down and that's good news ahead of the weekend. tracking the changing conditions and when we will return to the 90s in your first alert 7-day forecast. side.
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right now at 6:00, repairs are well under way on the i-495 bridge over the christina river in wilmington. crews working now around the clock in an effort to get the bridge opened by the end of the summer. it's a national effort, in fact to get the bridge back up and running for the thousands of commuters who have been forced to take detours. deldot officials ordered an emergency shut down on the bridge back on june 2nd. since then, six of the 32 steel reinforced concrete shafts that needed to be installed have been completed. deldot officials hope to have the southbound rains reopened by labor day. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter, tim furlong, found out how the effort to fix the bridge goes far beyond the first state. >> reporter: the i-495 bridge is still tilted but the fix is now
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well in the works. delaware transportation secretary at our nbc 10 studios taping the nbc 10 "at issue" episode airing sunday morning. he gave us an update. >> hearing from folks, please keep going as quickly as we can and we will but safety is always our number one priority. >> reporter: repairs moving quickly, but a big project is in a tight space. drilling four holes around eight tilted columns. huge cams will be lowered 150 feet to the bedrock and filled with concrete. the underground part done in ten days then put up temporary braces and put the bridge back into place. university of delaware engineering professor. >> things going very well. they really reached out across the country to get the material these need and things are going really well right now. >> reporter: he wouldn't say much about the 91 1 call back in mid-april from a local guy who said the bridge was tilted and looked dangerous. deldot didn't do anything about it for another month and a half. he talked about that targeted labor day reopening for the bridge. he said it could, could actually happen a little bit sooner than
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that. >> but no doubt, every single person in wilmington, everybody who uses that bridge wants us to get it open and we are gonna get it open. >> reporter: in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. nbc 10's keith jones sat down with deldot secretary shea lynn bat for a critical look at the i-495 bridge shut down, plus, u.s. senator tom carper issues a warning about a looming national transportation crisis. and also discusses his plan to raise money to fix our roads. are we headed toward a transportation fiscal cliff? join us sunday morning at 11:30 on nbc 10 "at issue" right after "meet the press," only right here on nbc 10. now to a developing story tonight, miss delaware has been stripped of her crown because she's too old, according to pageant officials. this is video of amanda longacre of bear being crowned miss delaware earlier this month. she's 24 years old.
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or young, i should same pageant officials say she's too old because the rules say that women have to be at least 17 and no older that 24. since she will turn 25 before the end of the year, she has been disqualified but long acac says she never kept her age an secret and wants to know why this is happening now. tonight, runner up, brittney lewis of wilmington, will be crowned the new miss delaware. amanda longacre released a statement writing -- "i thought this organization empowered women, but clearly, i am being swept under." last night, showed you the nasty thunderstorms in central pennsylvania, told you it was going to come across toward midnight, which it did. then it's gone and now, we are not gonna have any kind of repeat of that tonight.
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yes got a nice evening here. skies are clearing out. lead to nice weekend is number six in a row. 86 in philadelphia, 84, reading, 85, glassboro, even warm at the beaches, because of that northwest wind, land breeze, also knocked the ocean temperature down, that will be coming up once wind shifts again. showers in central pennsylvania, not moving this way, showers in lower new york state, some of this could be womaning down the day tomorrow. get a couple of showers, you will see here. have clouds perhaps to start the
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day and some showers, especially north and west, and they would be light, they would be brief, not interfere with much of the day. what happens on saturday, nobody gets any showers. it's just too dry. and at the shore, with the wind shift, that water temperature, that was 66 a couple of hours ago, already up to 69. be going back into the 70s, but the air temperature will only be in the 70s because of the wind coming in off the ocean. but that's still a really, really nice forecast for the weekend, nice forecast for the poconos, too. now remember, you can get just as bad a sun burn at 70 degrees as you can at 95. so temperature doesn't have anything to do with that. clear and then the clouds come in late. less humid than it was last night. less humid tomorrow than it's been. highs in the low 80s, so, not as warm as it's been either. again, chance of a shower, brief
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shower, but we don't have any showers in the forecast for saturday or sunday, low humidity, especially on saturday, and then humidity starts to come back on monday and then the heat and humidity come back and then eventually, the thunderstorms will for tuesday and wednesday. hey, i'm john clark, the sixers have been making a major push to get the top pick in the nba draft tonightville they stopped doing that as of this all the news coming up next.
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hey, i'm john clark. the nba draft is less than 45 minutes away. the sixers have been making a major push for andrew wiggins.
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comcast sports net dee line numb reports the sixers have offered their picks at 3, 10 and 32, trying to trade for the top pick that cleveland has. now, yahoo! sports is reporting the sixers are no longer pursuing that deal. so could they draft joel embiid or danny exum at 3 or do they really want andrew wiggens? are all those picks too much to give up for them? here's former sixer aaron mckey on comcast sports net. >> i think that's lot to give up for a kid that still has a question mark over his head. i mean, there's a lot of speculation and a lot of nice things being said about him. but he haven't showed me enough to warrant that. >> could andrew suit up for the sixers for many years to come? he is looking good. look at that suit, getting ready for tonight. usa soccer moving on to the round of 16. they are gonna face belgium on tuesday at 4:00. it's weird, sunday's tie for the u.s. felt like a loss, today's loss feels like a win. take a look, watch parties all over philly this afternoon this
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one in northern liberties, no score, second half, usa goalie, tim howard makes the save, but germany scores on the rebound. that's the only goal of the game, usa loses, 1-0. but usa is okay, because ghana is not gonna win. rudy from portugal here. guess who helps out the u.s.? ronaldo, breaks the 1-1 tie. portugal beats ghana, u.s. holds the tiebreaker, u.s. loses but they win, so it's a win/lose/still win proposition. check out luis war is rerkz bit off more than he can chew. he has been suspended for this bite seen around the world, banned for four months and fined over $100,000. the flyers have reportedly allowed vinny lecavalier's agent to find a team the flyers could trade vinny to. philly, trying for a split with the marlins tonight. don brown sitting out for a second time in three games, even against a right-handed pitcher. he has made some bad mistakes in the field this week. last night, right here, dom really cost the phillies the
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game. maybe dom needs mental break. >> just -- just making those little place, man, change the whole game. definitely upset at myself, but you know, you got to -- you got to take it every day, man, take it a step at a time and, you know, like i keep saying, change the whole damn ballgame. >> i have had a conversation with him. it's about a game of adjustments, it's about grinding it out, about doing something different, whether it's focus or discipline or route teen, whatever it might be. >> well, phillies and all the sixers picks tonight at 11 for you. i'm john clark. back to you, renee. >> a lot of to sport there is today, thanks, john. now for a lack at what's coming up on nbc 10 news at 11:00, bridges in delaware and new jersey shut down and now we have learned of a bridge in pennsylvania that will be shut down for two years. the detour concerns at 11:00.
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firm mayor michael nutter helps unveil the design for the
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newest park to grace the delaware river waterfront, pier 68 will be the third park to be built along the delaware river waterfront since 2009. pier 68 was once a ship willing pier for importing cuban sugar, but it's long been closed. now, it will go from industrial blight, you saw the picture there to a beautiful display of nature and public space that includes fishing and observation areas, construction is slated to start this fall. pier 68 park is expected to open next summer. >> i love when i see development along the rivers. that's always a great thing. the weather is -- >> great. >> yeah. we are in this weather pattern where we get the stormy weather in the middle of the week and the nice, comfortable weather on the weekends. this is going to continue, at least another week or so. so, this weekend is looking nice and comfortable, then the heat and humidity comes the middle of next week. >> the weekend is good. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us at nbc 10. thanks for watching.
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i'm renee chenault-fattah. the news continues now with nightly news with brian williams. have a good night. > on our broadcast tonight, captive nation. in public parks, office buildings and even aboard air force one, millions stopped what they were doing today as the u.s. team advances at the world cup. struck down. a major ruling at the supreme court regarding one of the most divisive issues of our time. >> the mississippi river pushed to a major flood stage. and caught on camera. from any angle doing anything. news tonight about the technology that's changed the way we see the world. "nightly news" begins now. >> from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening, early today in


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